Youth for Christ is an International Interdenominational Missionary Movement committed to taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to every young person in every people group in Nigeria

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Brief Summary

MISSION ONE Internship Program provide opportunities for youths to commit one (1) year to serve God in Youth for Christ Nigeria; through outreaches to At-Risk Street Kids and the establishment of G21 Clubs in schools, neighbourhoods & churches. As a result, teenagers will be reached and discipled across Nigeria; and at the end of the Internship Program, they will be equipped and empowered for life and ministry, either in or out of Youth for Christ.


They will reach evangelize, disciple, mentor and takes young people off the streets in their ministry location working with other volunteers.

· They will also help to start G21 Clubs (for teenagers) in schools and neighbourhoods.

· They will also help to strengthen Teens Churches/Youth fellowships in some of our partner churches.

Where applicable, the interns will be supervised by the Centre Coordinator, a Board member at the Centre, but overall, by the National Mission One Coordinator.


Many young Christian graduates in Nigeria seek opportunities to serve God full-time beyond their church denomination, but shy away because there is usually no assurance there will be provision for their livelihood if such opportunities are taken. On the flip side, YFC Nigeria require passionate ministry minded graduates that can serve in our different ministry fields across our nation.

We have therefore put together the MISSION ONE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (MOIP) to provide opportunities for young graduates, ages 21 to 30, to commit one (1) year of their lives to serving FULL-TIME in YFC; helping to take the gospel of Jesus to At-Risk young people on the streets of Nigeria.

The Interns will be trained in the 1st one month at the National Office, after which they will be deployed as YFC missionaries to work in any of these three arrangements:

  • Serving in one of our Centres/Ministry Locations across Nigeria.

  • Serving in their home base town in any location in Nigeria

  • Serving as pioneer missionary to any intending YFC ministry location in Nigeria


Mission-One is for anyone aged 21-30 who loves the Lord and his word and wants to learn, serve, and grow through taking part in a ONE-YEAR cross-cultural youth-focused mission work. To be eligible, you must be:

1. A post-NYSC graduate seeking ministry experience before going into employment or further training, ready to use his/her skills to benefit others.

2. Someone seeking God’s guidance on possible full-time cross-cultural ministry in the future, whether in Nigeria or overseas, and desiring more hands-on training and experience.

3. Be fluent in English language, and at least one Nigerian language.


1. Leadership and Skill Development: Learning new skills and adding to your knowledge base while gaining confidence in your abilities

2. Gain proficiencies in taking initiative, reliability, and having a sense of responsibility

3. Achieving a sense of accomplishment by contributing to an organization

4. Access to the network of YFC board members, alumni and partners

5. Gaining valuable experiences and accomplishments to add to your resume

6. Potential for a full-time job offer at the end of the internship based on your performance and calling.

7. Opportunity to be mentored so you can develop your skills for whatever direction God is taking you in life.

8. You will gain experience in whichever area of ministry you have been called to.

9. You will have the opportunity of improving existing ministry or developing new ministry initiatives.

10.You will learn from other Interns as well as from experienced trainers and ministers as you apply the Bible to areas of personal, practical, cultural and spiritual concerns, equipping you not just for the placement ahead but for your continuing Christian development.


Virtual Interview will be conducted for the Interns by our Recruitment Team comprising of Board members, Alumni, Partners and Staff. After the interview, the successful candidates will be invited for a 3-weeks induction and training.

The Mission-One Internship begins with an orientation and onboarding program. This is an opportunity for them to get to know about YFC, Mission-One, fellow interns, the staff, YFC Leaders, and be immersed in the YFC culture.

Each week they will spend time in devotions discussing topics, reading Scripture, and praying together. Devos are an excellent opportunity for them to connect, grow, and learn from their peers, other staff and volunteers.

Intern Sessions
At YFC we are invested in our interns’ personal development. Our desire is to provide them with the exclusive opportunity to meet with and learn from the best of the best.

Each week, they will attend an Intern Session where they will hear from our Alumni, Staff, Board members and Partners. They will learn about these people’s personal life journeys, what they do and the role they currently play in God’s kingdom and YFC, and they will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Informational interview
If they come across anyone in YFC’s network who has their dream job, they can ask the National Director through their supervisor to help set up an “informational interview.”


As a missionary organization, YFC believes in Christ injunction in Matthew 10:11 (CEV) – “So when you go to a town or village, find someone able and willing to have you as their guest and stay with them until you leave”. And we saw this demonstrated by the disciples all through the Book of Acts.

Therefore, our plan is to have the Mission-One Interns be hosted by families who will act as parent-Mentors and be accountable for them, all through their stay in the community.

All interns are PAID a monthly stipend. This is provided to assist with living expenses such as food and other personal stuff. Every ministry related expenses will be provided for by the ministry.

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Mission-One Internship is a One-Year long Program a 3-weeks break in-between.

· YFC will provide an allowance per month to assist with some of your living expenses and transportation while you are learning from our organization.

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified candidates should apply by filling out an online recruitment form using this link: Online Mission One Intern Form Also, send the following to our email address: with the title: 2024 MISION ONE INTERN


Application closes on Friday 19th July 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an Interview.