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Youth for Christ took off as a spontaneous move of God in the ‘40s, originating from Chicago, USA. As at today, YFC is carrying out ministry activities in over 130 nations of the world, under the leadership of Youth for Christ International. Each national program is self-governing, but operates through charter granted by YFCI. Thus, there is a culture of interdependence within the Youth for Christ family worldwide. Our first full-time staff in YFC is Dr. Billy Graham.

Founded in 1944 with Dr Billy Graham as the first full–time employee, and now headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, YFC operates in about 840 centers in around 120 nations of the world with just under 53,000 staff and volunteers (2015 figures), utilizing more than 40 ministry models, from drop–in centers to team outreaches.

In Nigeria

Youth for Christ as presently constituted took off in 1987 in Akure, Ondo State. As at now, we have operated in more than 15 communities and cities in these states across the nation; Ondo, Ogun, Oyo, Delta, Imo, Lagos, Kaduna, Plateau, Ekiti, Nassarawa and FCT. Pioneering work are nevertheless ongoing in all the geopolitical zones of the country.

Throughout YFC's history there has been an unwavering commitment to youth evangelism and biblical Christianity.

One of YFC’s slogans over the past seventy years has been “Anchored to the Rock, Geared to the Times.”  YFC strives to both demonstrate and communicate this message of hope, grace and love in a variety of different cultural settings, and always pursuing young people in personal relationships.  Your prayers and financial support continue to help change the lives of young people… one at a time.  We refer to this pursuit as a 3Story lifestyle, and offer resources and training opportunities to take a “deeper dive” in this way of life.